The Congregation of the Immaculate Conception (CIC), Madurai, was started with four unlettered simple women at Panjampatty, a small village near Dindigul on 2nd July 1899. The founders of the Congregation are Fr. Julias Larmey S.J., Fr. Augustine Pereira and Fr. Eugene Nespoulous S.J




A Severe famine hit the entire part of South India.  People suffered and died in large numbers, for want of food and medicine and Fr. Larmey the then Parish Priest of Panjampatty tried his best to feed the people in and around Panjampatty, tapping various sources.The selfless dedication of Fr. Julius Larmey S.J., ably assisted by Br. Augustine Pereira, in teaching catechism and propagating the Christian faith impressed the people of Panjampatty, specially the youth.  Among them four young girls, Visuvasam, Viagammal, Annammal and Savariammal made a promise of celibacy and dedicated themselves to the services of God.These women attended to the spiritual and medical needs of the people in and around Panjampatty in their own simple and native way.Later this congregation was shifted to, and established in, Madurai on 2nd July 1911. Its charism is preaching the good news to the poor in simplicity and Love.


In 1986, as a result of the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of CIC, the challenging mission activity in Bihar State later Jharkhand State, the Northern part of India, was started.In continuation of this missionary zeal we set foot in Zambia (Africa), South Africa, Italy, Sri Lanka and Germany.During the past 103 years this congregation has flourished, propelled by the providence of God resembling the proverbial mustard seed.