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Iniya Udayam

List of Beneficiaries-2015

National Youth Day 2016 1 National Youth Day (Swami Vivekananda Birth day) was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in Damien Leprosy Control Centre among Iniya Udayam Home girls.




The 25 trainees of PM Skill training programme participated in the celebration. 2



3Miss. Dhanalakshmi, one of the specially trained teachers of mentally retarded School, Diravianagar gave a speech to inspire youth to channelize their powers towards the development of the Nation working for fulfillment of basic needs of people.




4 The participants gave cultural programme like dance and drama (acting like Swami Vivekananda). At the end of the drama Swami distributed sweets to the participants.

PM skill development training program – Inauguration
news1On 24.10.2015 (Saturday) at 11 am P.M Skill training program was inaugurated in Iniya Udayam Home of Damien Leprosy Control Centre in Diravianagar, Nilakottai, Dindigul District, Pincode – 624 208. Mrs. Kavitha Karmegam-Panchayat president, Sr.Dr.Agnes Xavier- Administrator of Damien institution, Sr. Merila Breethi – Vocational Instructor, 25 PWD trainees & staff from other departments were present.
During the Inauguration, Sr.Dr. Agnes Xavier- Administrator welcomed the gathering &news2introduced the resource person. She appreciated the panchayat president regarding her genuineness towards the intellectually disabled children and honored her with a shawl. Sr.Irudayamary-Headmistress of Liliane School for intellectually disabled children presented the objectives of the skill training program. Sr. Merilla Breethi – Vocational instructor briefed the raw material [chemical ingredients] needed for soap powder making & performed a practical demonstration.
Panchayat President mixes ingredients& made 2 KGs of soap powder as per the instruction of vocational instructor
news3 news4
Our heartfelt thanks to The Director, NIEPMD- Chennai for sponsoring the soap powder making skill training program to Damien Leprosy Control Center. Also our thanks to Mr.D.Gunasekar, NIEPMD& Mr. Kanagasabapathy Rehabilitation officer, GLRA India for their guidance, support and encouragement. news5

Iniya Udayam – Home Iniya Udayam – Home For Street Children (02.07.1999-07.05.2004)   iniya udayamIt was started on 02.07. 1999 to remove the plight of female children who are subjected to child labor, sex abuse, domestic servants, beggars etc., and make them responsible youth by giving them shelter and training in self-help activities and replace them in their own home. A Home, Vocational Training And A Small Production Centre For Mentally Retarded Girls Above The Age of 14 – 2007

ini1 ini2 ini3
ini4 ini5 ini6

To empower the mentally retarded girls above the age of 14 there is a small unit to make chalk piece in which the children are given training. They do prepare candles, surf, soap oil, dettol etc. Five of the children are given training in tailoring in our tailoring unit. The girls prepare herbal medicinal powder which is used for the persons with skin problems, nutritious flour to improve the health care. . INIYA UDAYAM – A Government Aided Home For Mentally Retarded Girls (40)

ini10 ini8 ini7 ini11

Iniya Udayam – a joyful home for the Mentally Retarded Girls. The Liliane School for the Mentally Retarded started to develop different skills to promote their development. According to the norms of the Government the children should be kept in the school up to the age of 14. When they reach 14 years they still further need to develop more skills. Therefore a recognized home that we were running for the children in the past few years is been promoted to be a government aided home from 01.09.2013 onwards.

Damien Eye-Care Centre

 The Eye Care Unit was started on 27.02.1995 with the support of CBM, to give vision to the cataract affected old people, by implanting intraocular lens.  We conduct free eye camps once a week, mostly in big villages covering 5 districts (i.e.) Madurai, Dindigul, Theni, Ramnad and Sivagangai with the permission of State Government and concerned District Blindness Control Society.

Eye camps are conducted with the help of local NGO’s and local heads.  Door to door survey, issuing notices, pasting wall posters and mike announcements are done prior to the camp. Follow up of cataract surgery patients are done by the Ophthalmic Technicians in the respective camp spots itself.  Other activities like awareness programme for the public regarding care of the eyes and the need for cataract surgery and specially to the Self Help Groups regarding the importance of Eye Donation.  Every year we celebrate the world sight Day by conducting rallies, School Health Programme etc.

damien eye care

The eye care unit of Damien Leprosy Control Centre was launched in the year 1995 for giving vision to the visionless aged people through cataract surgeries to the rural population. It was the felt need of the elderly people of the rural population.

  • The old people are helped to have good vision to look after themselves
  • The people who are selected for the surgeries are received on the previous day of surgery and looked after well with free food, surgery, medicine and spectacles.
  • Post-operative health education is given to prevent complications
  • Five districts namely Madurai, Dindigul, Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram and Theni are adopted as target areas.
  • Survey is done regularly to identify the cataract cases by the animators who stay in the areas earlier.
  • Every week camp is conducted in collaboration with NGO’s like lions club, parish priests, panchayat  presidents, SHG etc. in the 5 districts.


Sophia Hopital

Sophia Hospital: (1979)

 so1  so2  so3  so4
 so5  so6  so7  so8

The people of this area had to travel a long distance to get proper medical treatment.  While conducting Leprosy road-side clinic many poor people of the villages are suffering from different general ailments came to us for treatment.   It was too much to treat leprosy as well as general cases in the field hence we found it necessary to start a general clinic in the campus. Sophia General Hospital saw the light of day on 15.10.79 at the arrival of Sr. Agnes Xavier, the first Doctor Sister of the Congregation. Though started as a small dispensary, today the hospital has grown in different ways and renders medical services to many patients.  It has 25 beds serving poor patients.  An extension block was constructed to attend to out-patients with maternity and laboratory facilities.  Among the diseases seen commonly in the villages like anemia, diarrohea, malnutrition etc, the hospital is specially treating 60% of the patients with skin diseases.  Patients with poisonous snakebites are also treated and cure is very satisfactory.  The patients pay minimum charges and the poor are often given free treatment.

Administrator Message

Administrator Message

administratorBlessed are those who trust in God. There  are trees planted along a river bank with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or  worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green and they go right on  producing delicious fruits. Keeping this in mind we, the Sisters of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, Madurai started Leprosy Control work at  Diravianagar,  Nilakottai on 02.07.1969. In Last 45 years the D.L.C.C has produced fruitful services for the poor like Leprosy Control, Leprosy Rehabilitation, Tuberculosis Control, Polio Surgery, Polio Children School, Mentally Retarded  Children School, Home for Mentally Retarded girls, Eye Care  (Cataract  Surgery by implementing of IOL), general hospital and CBR programme. The services are to the marginalized and poor of the rural area which really gives us satisfaction. I was longing to do such services, God has given me a chance with the full involvement of our Sisters and with the collaboration of our Staff we are  combining our services  to the society .

Liliane School-MR

Panchayat President mixes ingredients& made 2 KGs of soap powder as per the instruction of vocational instructor
news3 news4
Our heartfelt thanks to The Director, NIEPMD- Chennai for sponsoring the soap powder making skill training program to Damien Leprosy Control news5Center. Also our thanks to Mr.D.Gunasekar, NIEPMD& Mr. Kanagasabapathy Rehabilitation officer, GLRA India for their guidance, support and encouragement.


District level sports:
sp-1 District level sports were held at Dindigul in District sports stadium on 07.10.2015. Children from Liliane School participated in different items and won 1st prize for team games like throw ball and table tennis, athletic games like cricket ball/ soft ball throw, short put, standing long jump, 50 mts/100 mts running and wheel chair race. These children are selected for state level competition. sp-2
sp-3 On 28.10.2015, four children from Liliane School and 7 children from Iniya udayam home participated in talents show competition which was held in C.S.I special college, Pasumalai-Madurai. Children got I & II prizes for solo singing and I prize for group singing, group dance and coloring and III prize for drawing. sp-4

Liliane School For The Mentally Retarded-02.07.1994 (Government Recognition 12.09.1996)

The starting of a School for the Mentally Retarded Children was a meaningful commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of Damien Leprosy Control Centre on 2.7.1994. It is a residential school. Children affected with cerebral palsy and mental retardation are admitted in the school. Children are taken care by Trained Teachers, warden & Co-workers. We see a lot of improvement in them developing different skills. They are also engaged in various cultural activities. They participate in different programmes and talent competitions and won many prizes. Those who receive 1st price are selected at the district level to participate in the state level competitions. They have won many gold and silver medals there also. Damien Leprosy Control Centre is the mother institution, started on 2nd July 1969 to cater the leprosy patients. It grew and gave birth to Leprosy Rehabilitation , Tuberculosis Control programme, Polio surgery, School for the Physically handicapped , Eye care for the old neglected persons (by operating and implanting intra ocular lens ), General hospital, and our Liliane Special School for the Mentally Retarded and Home for the Mentally retarded Girls.

li1 li2 li3


One fine morning 11.06.1994 a girl aged about 6 or 7 was found to be tied to the gate of the priests’ house with her own dress in the Damien Leprosy Control Centre Campus. The priest saw her and not knowing what to do, he brought her and gifted her to us. We named her ‘Anandhi’ because she was always smiling at everybody. She didn’t know anything. We have to train her to eat, dress and all other daily activities. We found her to be mentally retarded and it became the dawn for the history of the special school. As it was the Silver Jubilee year for Damien Leprosy Control Centre she inspired us to start a school for the Mentally Retarded Children.

The school was started on 02.07.1994 with 10 mentally retarded children and was recognized temporarily by the Tamilnadu government for the period of 01.09.1997 – 31.08.1998 with RC NO 6687/SS and the temporary recognition is been renewed every three years till now. The number of children is increasing year by year and now the school strength is 90.

Student’s Background

Students are mostly from very poor families and 90% of them are from rural areas. Some students live under the care of grand parents since many parents are either divorced or separated; some are remarried and so the children are left uncared. Some children are living under our care and concern.

Teachers’ Details

Our teachers are well qualified with special B.Ed in Mental Retardation, Diploma in Special Education and Foundation Course.

Hostel Facilities

li4 li5

There are totally 90 students in Liliane Hostel for Mentally Retarded which includes 57 boys and 33 girls. The hostel is facilitated with separate living rooms, bathing rooms and toilets for boys and girls with excellent maintenance in order to improve daily activities skills for bathing, dressing, toileting, brushing, eating and grooming. They are provided with healthy and hygienic food, purified hot water for drinking. The living rooms are well ventilated, have facilities for maintaining healthy livelihood, electricity and water facilities. The playground is equipped with special play materials for the students and it is appreciable that they are utilizing them properly.

Spiritual Need

  • Students pray and thank the Lord who created them in their own language in the mornings and evenings. They pray not only for them but also for the people who are affected like them, for the Nation and for the peace of entire world.
  • Yoga and exercise – simple exercise, walking, running, jumping etc to improve their motor activity.



A balanced diet with rice, wheat, vegetables, green leaves, dhal, nuts, peas, egg, meat etc, is given to the children 3 times a day and snacks are given 2 times a day as per the schedule.

Medical Facilities

The special doctor visits once in 3 months. Since the General Hospital, Eye Care facilities are available within the campus, timely health care is provided for the children. Children are mostly affected with respiratory infections, viral infections and fits which are treated immediately.

Psychological Need

Psychological assessment is done every six months as follows:

  • Type of disability
  • Severity level
  • Growth chart
  • Height & Weight
  • Chronological age
  • Mental age
  • General Appearance
  • Adaptive Skills Growth and development

Educational Facilities

The children of Lillian School for the mentally retarded are divided into four groups for easy training and education.

Bridge Group I.Q below 30
Pre-Primary GroupI.Q 30-50
Primary GroupI.Q 50-70
Vocational Group I.Q above 70 – making doll Phone Mats, Making greeting cards, Incense Sticks etc.

Cerebral Palsy These type of children are cared by a Physio therapist.

Bridge Group


The children are trained to understand their basic needs and to maintain them clean. The teacher student ratio is 1:8. Severe, Profound level students are trained for eating, toileting, dressing, grooming, receptive Language; to identify student’s class room things; social activities like responding using proper social courtesies on occasions such as festivals, apologizes, offering greetings or compliments as needed, mingling with others; play activities like catching, throwing, bouncing and rolling a ball, swinging etc. They are also given training to improve their attention through eye to eye contact, eye-hand co-ordination. They are trained by the special trained teacher and warden.

Pre-Primary Group


This group is divided into three classes (1) Pre-Primary A (II) Pre- Primary B, Pre-Primary C. When the Bridge group students learn to maintain their daily living activities they are promoted to the primary group. Speech therapy and Oral practice is given to these children. Their understanding and communication skills get improved here. They learn their environment, surroundings, seasons, time, place, date and impression etc. They are trained to identify birds, animals, and their sounds; fruits, vegetables and their tastes and differences and colors. They start the writing skills like drawing simple shapes, flowers, house and letters; matching letters, figures, numbers and pictures etc.

Primary Group

li9 li10

Here also the students are divided into Primary A, Primary B, section. Here students are learning to identify and copy numbers, letters, copy the letters, to make words, count the numbers, and identify money, colors; hour hand, minute hand in the clock etc. Some students read sentences, newspapers, stories, poems and do simple addition and subtractions within 10 and copies printed sentences. They can tell the correct time from the watch, exchange money and purchase things etc. They are trained to do drawing, collage, coloring, painting, stencil cutting, dancing and singing etc


li11 li12

Children not fit for educational aspect are under this group. They are divided into two groups: 1. Poor I.Q, 2. Mild / moderate. They are made to do some work like watering the plants, removing weeds, adding fertilizer, plucking and cleaning flowers, cutting vegetables, cleaning the ground and living rooms and class rooms, preparing surf, vim, phenol, incense sticks and chalk piece; making dolls, greeting cards, phone mat and candles; purchasing things and passing messages according to their capability.


Every morning we do conduct group prayer at our school ground. Every week we arrange for talent show such as Singing, Question and Answer, Reading, Story Telling and Expressive Language in front of the children and staff. They do conduct flag hoisting program too

Children with Cerebral Palsy


There are 20 children affected by cerebral palsy with one or two or four paralyzed extremities. There is a separate room equipped with special equipments to give them exercise. They are given exercise by a well trained physiotherapist. They are given strengthening exercise, balance exercise, exercise for pelvic floor muscles and occupational therapy. There is good prognosis among these children. The students those who were unable to walk are walking with caliper and walkers now.

Extra Curricular

Every day afternoon at 2’o clock children are given training for yoga, Exercise, Dance, Drama and Singing Songs etc. After school hours students play indoor and outdoor games. The following indoor games are conducted carom, snake and ladder, Chinese checker, arranging puzzles. The following outdoor games are conducted skipping, standing long jump, cricket ball throw, kapadi, foot ball and throw ball. Students participate and share their joy.

Important Events

li13 li15

  • The 65th Independence Day was celebrated with flag hoisting by Fr. David Sahayaraj, the Parish Priest of Nilakottai and one of our student Janci Rani gave a special speech on peace and freedom. TheNSS and the Lecturers of Theni Nadar Saraswathi College performed cultural activities.
  • On our Republic Day that is on 26.01.2012 one of our staff hoisted our national flag and presided over the function. Our student Thenmozhi gave a good speech on patriotism.
  • 61 Mentally Retarded Children of Liliane School participated in the function held at collectorate, Dindigul on 14.07.2012. The District Collector Thiru. Vengatachalam, I.A.S, was the chair person.
  • Minister Thiru. Visvanathan, Vedasanthur MLA, Nilakottai, Union Chairman and Coordinators of Pudu vazhu Project, Chennai were present. The meeting was conducted by the Puduvazhu Project. Liliane School MR Children and other disabled children from the villages along with their parents’ participated. The participants received mobility aid & educational materials prepared by National Institution for the Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD) through ADIP Scheme, Govt of India through Puduvazhu Project. Our Children received the following: Walker – 2, Teaching Materials – 61 bags
  • The prizes were distributed by the District Collector of Dindigul for the students participated in sports in their own school sports day on 03.12.2011 and Mrs. Francis Marshal Kaspar, the special Educator received the ,’BEST TEACHER AWARD’ from the collector on the same day.
  • he building sponsored part by the State Government for physiotherapy was inaugurated by the District Collector Mr. Venkatachalam on 28.04.2012

Outstanding Achievements

li16 li17 li18

  • Our students have participated in a talent competition at Madurai CSI College, Pasumalai on 15.10.2011. They have won prizes in solo dance, group dance, solo song, group song, drawing and collage
  • Our students have participated in a talent competition for special Our students have participated in a talent competition at Madurai CSI College, Pasumalai on 15.10.2011. They have won prizes in solo dance, group dance, solo song, group song, drawing and collage.children at Madurai, SBT College on 26.11.2012. They have got prizes in speech, fancy dress, Art from waste and group dance
  • Two boys and four girls of our school participated in the 7th National Open Games Competition and got 4 Gold medals, 2 Silver Medals and 2 Bronze medals and received certificates for their participation in Running 50mts, 100mts, Long jump and Short put. The students of our school participated in the district sports and won 17 first, 19 second and 17 third prizes in various competitions. After winning in the district sports the children were selected for State level sports (February 14th to 16th).
  • A team of 7 girls for throw ball and 7 athletes, (5 girls and 2 boys). They won third prize in the throw ball match and received a certificate and Rs. 2000 each. Among the athletes’ one first prize, a certificate plus 5000 Rs, Two second prizes a certificate and 3000 Rs each and one third prize a certificate and Rs. 2000. At that time two of the girls were selected for Special Olympics Bharat to be held on 13th to 14th March 2014 at Delhi.
  • National Special Olympic Bharat was held at Delhi from 13.03.2014 – 15.03.2014 in which Devi and Durgalakshmi – girls from Iniya Udayam participated. Durgalakshmi got Gold Medal for 50mts run and Silver Medal for standing long jump and a certificate for each, Devi got Silver Medal for shot put and a certificate. They were allowed to participate in two items only.
  • Special Olympics Bharat – Tamil Nadu was held at Dindigul on 24.03.2014. 32 students of our school participated in 50mts /100mts run, shot put, standing long jump, Bocce, soft ball throw and throw ball. Among them 22 students got Gold Medals, 14 students got Silver Medals and 13 students got Bronze Medals.
  • Special Olympics Bharat – TamilNadu (State Level Olympic) was held at Sakchiapuram-Virudunagar District from 28.3.14- 29.03.14. The selected 12 children from district Level Special Olympics participated in Atheletics like 50 mts, 100 meters run, Standing Long jump, and Soft ball throw, team events like Bocce and Foot ball. They got 17 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal and 1 Bronze Medal and Certificate

Best School Award


On 27.12.2013 – The district collector Mr. Venkatasalam Congratulated the services rendered to the mentally retarded children and gave a Certificate of Award during the celebration of the world disabled day.

Minister’s Visit


On 08.01.2014 – Honorable Minister Visvanathan Minister for Electricity, Alcohol and Tax visited our centre on the way to Anaipatty. A warm welcome was given to him with dance, arathi by the mentally retarded children and he had tea with us. He spoke to the hospital staff, teachers and the mentally retarded children. He honored a mentally retarded child with ponnadai.

Reunion of Old Students of Liliane School For The Physically Handicapped


On 04.02.2014 – Reunion of old Students of Liliane School for the physically handicapped, their teachers and those who helped them during their surgeries was arranged by the administrator of Damien Leprosy Control Centre, Diravianagar, Nilakottai. In this function a fund was created for the help of the needy handicapped persons by the management which was released that day by the District Collector, Dindigul. While he was talking he congratulated us for the best services given to the mentally retarded children. In the family we are not able to take care of one such child but this institution is taking care of 110 children. The children are developing different skills. Parentless children also taken care fully here. He promised that the district administration will see that all welfare activities of the district reach this institution. DDRO and all local Government officials attended the function.



Educational Tour

30 students were taken to Vaigai Dam for an one day tour by the teachers and warden and the children enjoyed the day playing in the park and looking at the colorful lightings in the evening. It was a memorable day for all.

Parent’s Meeting

Parents come to see the children on Sundays. Parents meetings are held every term to make them understand the achievements of their children and their responsibility as parents towards their disabled child. The teachers explain their child’s growth and how to train them at home. Parents follow the instructions at home and co-operative with the teachers and the management. They also meet the correspondent of the school in their needs. Besides this we also conduct awareness programme for the parents by lectures from outside. An awareness programme regarding the rights of mentally retarded children was conducted in our school campus for the teachers and parents by the Judge and Advocates of Nilakottai court.

No. of children admitted year wise:

YearTotalBoysGirlsTotal Admission / Year
2013 17134432


Liliane School for the Mentally Retarded is doing immense service to the disabled children (autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation) of a few districts like Dindigul, Madurai, Sivagangai in the field of Education, Medical, Physical, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual needs.

List of Beneficiaries

(Refer to item no 19 in Part b of the application)

iName of the OrganizationDamien Leprosy Control Centre
ii Name and address of the Project Lilliane School for Mentally Retarded Diravianagar, Nilakottai-Tk. Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu
iii Year of Grant 2012 – 2013

List of Beneficiaries

(Refer to item no 19 in Part b of the application)

iName of the OrganizationDamien Leprosy Control Centre
ii Name and address of the Project Lilliane School for Mentally Retarded Diravianagar, Nilakottai-Tk. Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu
iii Year of Grant 2013 – 2014

List of Beneficiaries

(Refer to item no 19 in Part b of the application)

iName of the OrganizationDamien Leprosy Control Centre
ii Name and address of the Project Lilliane School for Mentally Retarded Diravianagar, Nilakottai-Tk. Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu
iii Year of Grant 2014 – 2015




Diravianagar is in Dindigul District, in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is situated about 2.5 kms from Nilakottai, 31 kms from the District Head Quarter Dindigul and about 50 kms from Madurai. The nearest Railway Station is Kodai road and the nearest Airport is Madurai.

Genesis of Damien Leprosy Control Centre

One of the most innovative and challenging endeavors of the Archbishop of Madurai (1969) His Grace Dr. Justine Diraviam was to concentrate on the health care of thesocially rejected segment of the society, particularly the LEPROSY affected persons. To materialize his ardent desire, Mother Ernestine Mary, the then Superior General of C.I.C, Madurai, in confirmity with the Charism of the congregation, initiated theprocess of the Leprosy Control Programme at Batlagundu  and sisters’ stay at Silukkuvarpatty near Nilakottai in Dindigul District on 2nd July 1969. The implementation of the programme began with the help of two C.I.C. sisters and a part-time doctor at Batlagundu, a small town in Nilakottai Taluk.  Itbecame the temporary head quarters of the centre during 1970 – 1974 till it was established permanently at Diravianagar, a small village on the out shirts of Nilakottai. The very first medical unit called “Damien Leprosy Control Centre” was named after Rev. Fr. Damien de veuster who was canonized for his mission by identifying himself squarely with leprosy patients.  Rev.Fr. Damien de veuster is now St.Damien  de veuster. Damien Leprosy Control Centre was registered as a charitable organization under Society Registration Act XXI of 1860. (S.No.15/32 of 1973 (41/84). Registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976. Donations are Tax- exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Damien Leprosy Control Centre has membership with

  • CHAI (Catholic Hospital Association of India) Reg. No. M-45-29/1991
  • TNVHA (Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association)
  • National Leprosy Control Programme, WARDA
  • National Tuberculosis Control Programme, Tamil Nadu
  • National Blindness Control Programme, Tamil Nadu Reg. No. 182/1991
  • National Trust Reg. No. 2249/MR/2004
  • PWD Act 1995 u/s.52l S.No.156/2009