CBR Programme

 Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) 27.09.2011


  • GLRA fund has been implementing leprosy focused SER activities for the past many years and brought changes in the lives of hundreds of people affected with leprosy in our project area.
  • The people living with disability were not assisted enough by the fast access the existing government schemes.  Through this CBR programme, we help the disabled people to access the government resources like provision of ID cards (Disability Certificate), old age pension, Disability Maintenance grant etc.  We do give IEC/IPC and treatment for the minor illness.
  • Along with SER activities of our Centre, we monitor and promote the community to sustain rehabilitation activities through their active participation.
  • So the GLRA has taken effort to bring a paradigm shift in our rehabilitation approach (i.e.) to transform SER into Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and thus we became partners in implementing the CBR programme.

Activities (CBR)


  • Survey is done and assessed the disability persons with Autism, Cerebral palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple disabilities.
  • 40% and above disabled persons are selected, recorded and helped for aids and  pensions.
  • ID cards are provided and OAP Mobility aids are given for handicapped persons.

VAZHIKATTUM THITTAM  01.11.2012 (CBR) Closed On 27.02.2013

Vazhikattum Thittam is established by  Tamil Nadu Government on 01.04.2009 for the differently abled persons.  The main purpose of this programme is to respect and treat all the disabled as human beings. On 04.05.2012 we were requested by DDRO to participate in the collector meeting to discuss regarding ‘vazhikattum Thittam project which is run by the district through NGOs.

The DDRO – Dindigul requested us to run the project in Nilakottai Block which has got 27 panchayats with 27 volunteers  and   one supervisor for the block.


  • To identify the disabled persons in the villages
  • To facilitate to get ID cards
  • To renew the old ID cards
  • To open a  Bank Account
  • To form Self Help Groups
  • To help the people to tap  Government resources(Grants, tailoring machine, wheel chair etc.)


cbr3               cbr4


  • Brief survey is taken for PWDs identification. Organized PWDs to attend the camp to get medical certificate ad PWD ID card.
  • Organized PWDs to attend the camp to get medical certificate ad PWD ID card.
  • Facilitated PWDs to receive the benefits of the scheme prioritized by District Rehabilitation Office.
  • 7 PWDs referred were awarded the maintenance grant of Rs.1000/- month.
  • 188 PLDs participated in “Disability Screening cum Social Security Service Provision” camp. Among the 93 PLDs selected for assistive devices, 30 PLDs selected for maintenance grant and 55 received disability ID card.  District Collector distributed the ID cards for persons having disability of 40% and above on 30.04.2012.
  • Bank account is opened for 264 differently abled persons.
  • March 2013 Sukriti Social Foundation has conducted regular cycle assembling and training workshop partnering with TI cycles.
  • Maintenance grant is received for 149 disabled persons.
  • Vazhikattum thittam programe  is completed by 31.03.2013.