Damien Public School

Let Justice roll down like waters and righteousness

like an ever flowing stream (Amos. 5.24)

As there is a saying “A time for everything and everything in its time”, the moment of grace has come upon Damien Leprosy Control Centre, Diravianagar, Nilakottai which is a member institution of Madurai Province of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception to give birth to Damien Public School.  So Let us be glad and rejoice that God has done wonders to us.

God’s abundant graces showered upon the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception in the year 1969 and sprouted as Damien Leprosy Control Centre which gave shelter for different types of social services later. In the past 46 yrs of service, Damien Leprosy Control Centre had extended its mission for Leprosy Control, Rehabilitation services, Control of TB, Polio surgery and school, Aids Centre, Vision to the visionless through Cataract surgery, Sophia General Hospital, Liliane School for the Mentally Retarded Children and Home for the Mentally Retarded Girls above 18 yrs. In this blissful moments God has gifted us with a new mission that is Damien Public School (CBSE) to grace the Damien Campus.

Since there is a deprivation in the grants received from outside sources, our beloved

Sr. Dr. Agnes Xavier – the Administrator of Damien Leprosy Control Centre was ignited with new vision to sustain the ministries which were flourishing over here by starting CBSE School.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering and persevere in prayer (Rom: 12:12)

She strongly believed in God’s protection and surrendered totally to His providence.   She is the person of hard work, perseverance and innovation. As she was reflecting about the future of the poor MR children and the Age old people of five districts the insight she received was to start this CBSE School which will give local source of permanent income to serve the running projects. And thus the Damien Public School came into existence.

Aim of Damien Public school (CBSE)







  • To sustain and extend the services to the poor of Damien Leprosy Control Centre without any financial problem.







  • The children from rural areas should benefit and enjoy their future by gaining knowledge in English. The parents should experience the joy and happiness through the achievement of their children. So the birth of Damien Public School (CBSE) is the grace of God for the growth of Damien Campus.

Inauguration of the School

On 08.06.2015 at 5.30 pm the school building was blessed and inaugurated. The special guests were honored with shawl and the invitees were specially welcomed by Venpani Kalaikulu. Rev. Sr. Antony Xavier -Superior General CIC had opened the building, the Most. Rev. Antony Pappusamy – Archbishop of Madurai opened the inaugural stone and blessed the building. After the Blessing, lighting of 25 lamps took place. To mention those lighted the lamps are Archbishop, Superior General CIC, Provincial Superiors of Madurai and Sivagangai, Mr. Udayakumar M.A.B.L, Member of Parliament – Dindigul Constituency, Mr. Yagappan-Union Chairman of Nilakottai, Mr. Sekar, Chairman of Town Panchayat, Nilakottai, Mr. Jeyaseelan, D.E (Electricity), Mr. Sreedar Chartered Civil Engineer, Mrs. Kavitha Karmegam-Panchayat President- Koovanoothu, Mr. Suriliandi, Deputy superintendent of Police- Nilakottai. After the vote of thanks all the invitees were provided with supper. The inaugural function was a great successful. Thanks be to God!