Rehabilitation Services: (1977)

The aim of Rehabilitation is to help a man who is affected by Hansen’s disease, a complete man of the society, by removing the social stigma and making him an earning member of the family, so that he/she is well accepted in the family and in the society.


  • Tailoring

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A centre-based unit for training in tailoring was started in 1988 for the leprosy affected young girls, the children of leprosy patients, divorced young girls, widows, and economically backward girls.  Totally 452 girls have been trained so far and each one is given a sewing machine under interest free loan scheme.   This provides an opportunity, to earn their livelihood in their own home.  They pay back the cost of the machine in small installments.

  • Community-Based

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Under interest free loan scheme, self-employment programme like sheep, goat rearing, carpentry units, petty-shops, selling of milk, kerosene and vessels, etc are functioning. Under the same scheme, building houses for the homeless and providing milch animals are ongoing programme of this institution